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      We love burning a good stick of Incense but like everything else in the shop, we prefer it to be of quality.
      The brand Satya can be bought at a few places but did you know there are 2 types?
      Here’s some inside info if you’re a lover of incense and want to make sure you’re getting the good stuff; SATYA was started by 2 brothers and the product was hand rolled using traditional methods in Bengaluru/Bangalore.
      After a dispute, the company was split with one brother starting a factory in Mumbai making the incense with machines whilst the other stayed and kept using the traditional methods of handrolling. 
      A long story short, we think the handrolled method creates a far more superior product!
      So, if your incense says Bengaluru/Bangalore, you’ve got the good stuff! 
      We are also happy to report that there is also no child labour/exploitation used! 
      So, don’t nag about your Nag, come and get the good stuff from us!
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