Lumi LED Glow Fans


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      These Lumi LED Fans are built for night time glow fun. Create mesmerising light trails in the dark with 2 x super bright LED light units that illuminate each fan making sure you'll stand out in the night.  

      The base of these fans feature an elegant lotus design, with four petals reaching out from the centre to hold the light tube which spans across the entire width of the fan. It features two rings for spinning the fans, one large ring at the base and a smaller one-finger sized ring directly above it for a sturdy hold grip and more options for tricks and maneuverers.

      Simple and easy to operate. There's just one button that turns the staff on/off (hold down for four seconds to turn off) and press once to cycle through each of the colour modes. Batteries are easy to change with no screws; slide off the end cap and remove the light unit that opens in half for you to replace the batteries.

      Ultra Durable

      The light up portion of the fans are made of strong Polycarbonate tube (that's the stuff bullbars were made of) making them light-weight yet super robust. Due to this they can withstand knocks and drops at fast spinning speeds.

      The LED Light Unit is protected within the tubing and covered at the button end by silicone end caps for extra insulation.

      The base of the fans are powder coated aluminium. This makes them super strong yet still comfortable to grip.

      Fan Dimensions:

      • 800mm long Lumi Light-Up Tubing
      • Fan Width: 665mm
      • Fan Height: 347mm
      • Made from 4mm and 7mm diameter welded steel wire.
      • Weight: 417gm per fan.
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